Why A is capital in boAt? Answered by boAt itself

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boAt is a very famous audio company of India which has been launching its audio devices at affordable prices since 2016, but have you ever tried to see that the word boAt, which has the alphabet A in its name, is always the capital letter. 

There is a reason behind this. We will tell you in this article why ‘A’ is always written in the capital in the word boAt, so let’s start.

Boat logo

Why ‘A’ is capital in boAt?

In fact, the name of the company is such that it represents one boat, so if it kept the letter ‘A’ small, then the shape of the boat would not fit in it. 

Therefore, in the word boAt, A is written in capital letters so that appropriate space is left in it and the actual boat can be shown in it.

So this is the reason why the boAt has written the alphabet A in capital.

How do I come to know why A is capital in boAt?

At first I was also very surprised to see why ‘A’ is always written in capital letters and then I tried to find the reason but I could not find anything from anywhere. 

Then I contacted the customer care of the boAt. I contacted on Facebook. I sent him a message through the messenger and asked the reason.

Then they replied to me and I came to know about it. I have also attached the screenshot of this conversation here.

Answered by boat

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