[PDF] Ration Card Form 4 PDF Download West Bengal | WBPDS Form 4

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In this article, I will provide you ration card form no 4 in Bengali pdf. From here you can easily download this form. After filling the complete form you can submit it. I will tell you how to fill and where to submit it.

A ration card is a government approved card. It issued by the state government to Indian citizens to provide them ration at a subsidized rate from the public distribution system. The subsidized ration includes rice, grains, kerosene oil, sugarcane etc. it is provided under the National Food Security Act 2013 (NFSA) and Rajya Khadya Suraksha Yojana (RKSY).

The ration card form 4 pdf download link is given for West Bengal state. I will tell you the process to fill this form, why this form is used for and where you can submit this form. This form is also termed as wbpds form 4.

What is WB Ration Card form 4 and Why it is Used?

The wbpds form 4 is used for the Inclusion of left-out Family members under NFSA/RKSY. In west Bengal, if you a person has a ration card and if some member is left for inclusion in that ration card, then he will not get a ration for that member of the family. So it is very important for the family to include the rest of the members in the wbpds ration card.

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Ration Card Form 4 PDF Download West Bengal WBPDS Form 4
Preview of Ration Card Form 4

WBPDS Ration Card 

After the complete process of form no 4 for the ration card you will get wbpds ration card. It has the name of all family members. You will get the subsidized ration under nfsa/rksy scheme.

What is Ration Card Form iv-u pdf?     

The ration card form iv u pdf is the same ration card form no 4 west Bengal. You can also submit a digital ration card form iv and get wb digital ration card. I will provide you ration card form-4 Bengali pdf as well as in English.

Ration card form 4 pdf West Bengal Download

Here I have provided the direct link to download ration card form-4 pdf West Bengal. It consists of two pages. Just download and print it on the A4 size paper.

Ration card form no 4 in English pdf

Download ration card form 4 pdf Bangla from the below link. This is the ration card form no 4 in English pdf format. Click on the below link to direct download.

Download Ration Card Form 4 pdf

How to Fill Ration Card Form 4 for West Bengal

First of all, you have to download the wb ration card form 4 pdf format provided by us. Print it out and fill it accordingly. There are 4 sections in this ration card form. Section A, Section B, Section C, and Section D. Here are the steps to fill ration card form number 4 for West Bengal.

  1. In Section A, enter the Details of Head of Family (HoF)/ Any member having DRC. Write the name, Ration card type, and ration card number.
  2. In Section B, enter the Details of new members applying for DRC (Aadhaar not mandatory for applicants below the age of 5 yrs.) Enter the details of each applicant one by one. You have to enter the Name of the Applicant, Relationship with the Head of Family, Father’s/Mother’s/ Spouse’s Name, Date of Birth, Aadhar number, EPIC number, Gender and Whether Person with Disability (PWD) yes or no.
  3. Now in section C, you have to enter your contact details like Primary Mobile Number, Secondary Mobile Number, Whatsapp Number, Email ID (if any) etc.
  4. In section D, Aadhaar Details of all existing DRC holders of the family. Aadhar number is mandatory otherwise you cannot submit form 4 for ration card in West Bengal. You have to enter the Aadhar number of each member of the family to be included.
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After complete filling form 4, submit it to the local ration office or Councillor office or the officer who has the charge for collecting this form.

Digital Ration card form 4 fill up Process

The wb ration card form-4 fill up process is the same which is for digital ration card form no-4 fill up. The form is also the same as described above in the 4 no ration card form filling up process.

Ration card form 4 filling sample

You can easily fill this. You will not need any sample for ration card form no 4. Just download the wb ration card form and fill it as described. Fill in the complete details as told above.

Ration Card Form 4 Online Apply 

From the above process, you can apply via the offline procedure and submit it to your nearest local ration office. Here you can also apply online from the official website. You have to enter the required details of the head of the family and the applicants and have to submit the online form. 

Here are the steps to apply form 4 online for the west Bengal digital ration card.

  1. Visit the official website of the Department of Food & Supplies Government of West Bengal. 
  2. Click on Apply for Digital Ration Card or directly click here.
  3. Enter your mobile number and log in with OTP received to your number.
  4. Enter the complete details of the Digital Ration Card of Head of Family / one existing Cardholder.
  5. Now enter Adhar details of members to be included (Not required for age below 5 years). 
  6. Click on submit.
  7. You will receive a confirmation message of the successful submission of the form on your mobile phone.
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Frequently asked questions

wbpds.gov.in digital ration card

If you want to go to the digital ration card online page then simply type this wbpds.gov.in in google and click on the link to go to wbpds.gov.in page. This is the official website of the west Bengal food and supply department. From here you can also download other forms.

What is Ration card correction form West Bengal

From the official website you can download a new ration card for, ration card correction form, Inclusion of left out Family members under NFSA/RKSY form, and other forms also. These forms are named as ration card form 3 pdf, ration card form 5 pdf, ration card form 6 pdf, ration card form 9 etc. You can download all forms related to ration card west Bengal from the link below.

West Bengal ration card form download pdf format

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I have provided the Ration Card Form 4 PDF Download link for West Bengal. Also, I have given some FAQs regarding digital ration card form-4. If you found this post useful then please share it and please comment with your feedback and suggestions below.

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