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How to open HDFC zero balance account online from mobile in 5 minutes

HDFC is the largest bank in the country and it gives very good service to its customers. This is one of the best banks in India. The best and good thing is that you can open a zero balance account in this bank and if you want to know how to open HDFC zero balance account online from your mobile.

In this, you do not have to maintain any amount and together the RuPay card will be available for free. In this bank, you will also get internet banking and check facilities.

Once you open an account, you will have to go to any branch in a year for full KYC. After that its limit will end, you can do as many transactions as you want.

Read the complete article to know the full process step by step.

Features of HDFC Zero Balance Account

  • No Minimum Balance
    As the name of the account implies, this is a zero-balance account. Therefore, you do not need to maintain a minimum balance. Consequently, there is no penalty in case of zero balance.
  • Free Passbook
    All individual account holders get a free passbook when they open a Savings Account. This is true even for zero-balance accounts.
  • Easy Transaction
    You can make your payments through this account via various Net Banking facilities. You can pay for utilities such as electricity, phone, and water through this account.
  • Debit Card and ATM access
    You will get an ATM/Debit card with your zero-balance account. as such, you can access the account through any of the bank’s ATM outlets anywhere.
  • Mobile and Net banking
    You can also check your bank statements, send and receive money through net banking facilities. And you can make it all happen from your PC or even your phone.
  • Free Cash and Cheque deposits at any branch
    As previously stated, banks will offer the usual facilities that come with a regular Savings Account for a zero-balance account as well. This also includes facilities such as cash and cheque deposits, which can be done at any branch of the bank.
  • Payment Gateway
    The ATM/Debit card you get with your zero balance saving account can also be used to make online payments. The card functions on electronic payment gateway systems such as RuPay which allow for easy and convenient online payments.
  • Locker facilities
    Some banks have different varieties of zero-balance accounts based upon your specific requirements, and they may also offer Safe Deposit Locker facilities which you can choose to avail.


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Step by step process to open HDFC zero balance account online

  1. First of all, you have to go to this link Open Basic Saving Account in HDFC bank. You will get a page shown below where you have to proceed by entering your number and enter OTP which will verify the number.lets-get-started-for-openning-hdfc-zero-balance-account
  2. After this, you have to choose a document for KYC in which you can choose Voter Card, Aadhaar Card Passport, etc. But if you choose Aadhaar, then all the work will be done online, in the second document you will have to go to the bank, in this we will choose Aadhaar and will proceed to you. The term has to be accepted and the Aadhar card number is to be entered next.Kyc-document1
  3. Now you have selected the Aadhaar card, then it will have to be verified for which you need an otp, then you should have a mobile link with your Aadhaar card, you have to apply for otp and proceed by putting otp.kyc-for-hdfc-zero-balance-account-opening
  4. Here you have to choose the account type in which you have to choose a savings account, after this, you have to choose the Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account because this is the ZERO balance account, the rest of the account you will have to maintain an
  5. After this, you have to choose the branch in which you want to open an account but keep in mind that the address is in your Aadhaar card, you will have to choose the branch in which only your account will open, in this state and district will already be there, you just have to enter the name of the local branch. select-hdfc-bank-branch
  6. After this, this page will appear in front of you, here you have to fill your photo and the remaining details which have been asked here, along with it, you have to enter your PAN card number and after that you have to upload a copy of PAN card either by scanning it. Or just click the photo. These accounts will not open without PAN card.personal-detail
  7. After this, you have to enter your full address here, in this, you have to enter both your permanent and malting addresses. If both are the same then both have to tick or else you have to enter the mailing address separately where you need your debit card and checkbook etc. The bank will contact everyone on the address you put in the mailing.address-detail
  8. After this, you will have to enter the occupation details that you do, what you do, put it in whatever you are, and whatever work you do.occupational-detail
  9. Now here you have to choose whether you want to give Aadhaar card only for ID proof or for both ID and address. Here you have to choose the second option to give for both.upload-document
  10. Now after this you have to make a nomination in which you will have to fill the details of a person, in which you will fill the details of anyone, husband, father, father, mother and sister, and also enter his address, this will handle your bank account after you die.nominee-detail
  11. After this, you have to fill in the details that in which country, in which state, in which district you were born and also to tick both in the tax address, after this, if you want to see the whole application, then click on the preview and If everything is correct, you will click on submit, so that your form will be submitted and your account number will also be generated immediately. Along with this, your bank will also have the IFSC code and your user ID as well so that you will log in to internet banking.last-step-of-opening-zero-balance-account-in-hdfc-bank

Things to remember after opening HDFC zero balance account online

  • After this, your debit card will come by post to your address, which will take up to 15 days and the checkbook will also come
  • But you will get the passbook from the bank, along with that you will have to complete full KYC of this account in one year or else after one year It will stop.
  • For full KYC you can go to any branch. Before full KYC, the limit of this account will also be only one lakh rupees, so when you get time, you have to get it full KYC.
  • Along with this, you have to generate the password of online internet banking, for which you have to go to this link and then you have to proceed by entering your user id and after that enter your mobile number.
  • You will have otp on your mobile and email, you have to enter both otp and go ahead and set your password so that you can log in and manage your account.

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