How to know Customer Id of Netplus Broadband : 4 Ways to Know Netplus Customer ID

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In this article, you will get to know how to know customer id of Netplus broadband. You can easily find it in some simple steps. There are multiple ways of finding customer id.

Netplus is the fastest growing broadband service provider in north India. It is owned by the Fastway Cable TV service provider. Net+ Broadband is a 100% subsidiary of Fastway Transmission Pvt Ltd. If you have an active Netplus broadband connection then you must have your customer id and if you don’t know it then we are here to tell you how you can know the customer id of Netplus broadband.

Netplus is the emerging internet service provider (ISP) in north India. It offers high speed Internet through FTTH (Fibre To The Home) platform which is an optical fiber technology. It provides its services in all major cities and townships of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.

So if you are searching for what is my netplus username and password, here is the way to find them.

How to know Customer id of Netplus Broadband

There are different ways of finding the customer id. You can find it by just checking the monthly bill, SMS/Email delivered to you, by calling customer care, and by visiting the official website. Here are the ways to know Netplus customer id.

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Check Your Monthly Bill

If you have an active Netplus connection then you would be receiving a monthly bill through email or through a delivery agent. You can check your bill. On the right top corner, there is your billing account number. You can use it to pay your bill. Now if you decrease the last digit of this number by one then it will be your customer id. 

How to know Netplus customer id
Netplus Monthly Bill Reciept

For example, if 0002516291 is your billing account number then after decreasing it by one 0002516290 will be your Netplus customer id.

Check Your SMS/Email Inbox

Netplus regularly sends Emails and SMSs regarding bill payment and offers. You can search for SMSs and Emails and can easily find billing account number and customer id number.

Call Customer Care

You can call Netplus customer care mobile number which is +91 70875 70875 and ask for your customer id. They will ask you for your registered mobile number and will tell you your customer id. You can also email them at [email protected]

Visit local Netplus Broadband Office

You can also visit the local office of your internet service provider. They will help you and will provide you with your account related complete information as well as your Netplus customer id.

The customer id is sometimes referred to as user id.

How to know Netplus Username and Password to login Netplus Account

Netplus username is the same as its customer id. From the above methods, You can easily find the Netplus username and password to log in Netplus account. Using this, You can log in to your Netplus broadband account and manage your connection.

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If you don’t know the password then you can regenerate it by clicking on the forgot password. If it doesn’t work, contact customer care at +91 70875 70875. He will reset your password.

How to know billing id of netplus

The Netplus billing account number is your billing id. You can see the top right corner of the bill to get your netplus billing id. Netplus Billing id is always one more than the customer id.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to check Netplus broadband bill?

To check your Netplus broadband bill you can check the email sent by Netplus. Netplus directly sends monthly generated bills to the registered email address. You can log in to your Netplus account to check the billing amount. You can also call customer care to know your bill or visit the local office. 

Q. What are Netplus Broadband Plans?

There are many affordable broadband plans offered by Netplus. You can visit the official website of Netplus and can choose the plan that suits you.

Q. What are Netplus Installation Charges?

Netplus only charges the security amount. They don’t charge for installation for new connections. But Charges may increase and decrease. So it is advisable to visit your local office to know the complete charges.

Q. Who is the Owner of Netplus?

Netplus is 100% owned by Fastway Transmission Pvt Ltd, the fastest growing cable Tv service provider in north India. 

Q. How do I pay my Net plus bill?

You can pay your Netplus bill online by visiting the official website. You can use net banking, ATM/Debit cards, UPI transactions to make payments. You can also pay bills in cash by visiting the local office in your city.

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Q. How do I cancel my net plus broadband?

Visit the local office in your city or call them to terminate the broadband connection. You can call customer care. Tell them your Netplus customer id and request to cancel Netplus broadband.

Q. Is Netplus truly unlimited?

As of now, Netplus provides truly unlimited plans. But in some cheaper plans, after exceeding the maximum limit speed refuses. 

Q. Can I do netplus login with mobile number?

There is no option to login to your netplus account with mobile number. You have to enter your netplus user id only. You can get your user id by following the above methods.

Q. Is Netplus and Fastway same?

Fastway is a pioneer in digital entertainment service providers and the dominant market leader in this space. Netplus Broadband is a 100% subsidiary of Fastway group and fastest growing ISP in the region providing Next-Gen Services.

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We have provided different ways to know the Customer id of Netplus Broadband. Also, we have covered some FAQs regarding it. Read the complete FAQ here. If you found this post useful then please share it with your friends and family who need it. Please comment with your feedback and suggestions below.

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