How to Check Bluetooth Version of My Phone? Check Bluetooth Version in Android and iPhone

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Bluetooth is a technology that allows the devices such as smartphones, android tablets, computers, headphones, speakers, etc to transmit data to another Bluetooth device. Different kinds of devices could have different versions of Bluetooth.

It is worth checking the Bluetooth version of the devices because if the two devices have the same version of Bluetooth then their performance is increased and delay and interference minimized. If you are thinking about how to check Bluetooth version of my phone then you are at the right place. In this article, we will guide you on how to check the Bluetooth version of your phone.

To find Bluetooth version on android there are several ways by which you can easily know what bluetooth version is my phone. All the different ways are discussed below. Also you will get to know different versions of it and what is the difference between them.

Why It’s Important to Know Your Phone’s Bluetooth Version

Knowing your phone’s Bluetooth version is essential because it determines the range, speed, and capabilities of your phone’s Bluetooth connection. For instance, if your phone has an older Bluetooth version, it may not support the latest Bluetooth-enabled devices or have a shorter range than the latest versions.

Additionally, the Bluetooth version determines the speed of data transfer, which is crucial if you’re transferring large files such as videos, music, or documents. If your phone has an older Bluetooth version, the transfer speed may be slower than the latest versions. So it is worth finding the Bluetooth version of your smartphone.

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How to check Bluetooth version on Android Phone? 

It is very simple to check Bluetooth version in android phone. One of the methods to check what Bluetooth version is your phone is to check it in settings. In settings, there is a system app named Bluetooth with the Bluetooth icon which shows the phones’ Bluetooth version. You can easily get to know this by following these steps.

Here are the steps to find Bluetooth version on Android:

Step 1: Go to your phone settings.what-is-bluetooth-version-of-my-phoneStep 2: Scroll down and find the app manager.What-version-of-Bluetooth-do-I-have-on-my-Android-phoneStep 3: Click on three dot and tap on show system apps.How-to-check-bluetooth-version-on-my-samsung-phone-


Step 4: Scroll down and Tap on Bluetooth icon.

How-to-check-Bluetooth-version-on-android-Step 5: Done, under the app icon you will the Bluetooth version.How-do-I-know-what-Bluetooth-version-I-have-This method will take only 2 minutes to find Bluetooth version on Android. However, there are few alternate methods also by which you can know what kind of Bluetooth do I have.

How do I know what version of Bluetooth My phone has – Alternate Methods

There are also some other simple ways by which you can check the Bluetooth version on mobile. You can check the box, specification sheet, and in the online directory. These methods are well explained below.

Check the specification on the box

Whenever you bought a smartphone its specifications are clearly mentioned on the box of the smartphones. You can easily read about the Bluetooth version that you have on your smartphone.

Check the device Specifications sheet online

You can check the specs online on the trusted source such as on gsmarena This website publishes each and every detail of a smartphone and hence it tells what Bluetooth version a phone has.

Use Bluetooth Version Checker App

There are plenty of android applications that are used to see device hardware and software information. Yu can download these apps from google play store. Just go to play store and type bluetooth version finder and download the most rated app. Some of them are AIDA64 android app and Device Info : View Device Information android app.

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Some Frequently asked questions:-

How to check Bluetooth version on my Samsung Phone

Samsung phones run on the Android operating system and to check the Bluetooth version in Samsung mobile the process is the same as that of other Android smartphones. You can check by going to settings, in the app manager and by tapping the Bluetooth icon. You can use the Bluetooth version checking app as mentioned above.

How to upgrade Bluetooth version in Android

There is no possible way to Update Bluetooth android because it is the part of hardware and if you want a Bluetooth version update or upgrade then either you have to replace your phone or have to do modification in hardware. So simply we can say that you cannot upgrade the Bluetooth version in android.

How to check Bluetooth version on Android 10

The process of checking the Bluetooth version is the same in all versions of android phones. Go to settings > go to app manager > tap on system apps > tap on Bluetooth icon > see the version below icon. In the above paragraph, you can check the detailed procedure and its alternatives. Go through the above methods which you feel are easy for you.


How to check Bluetooth version in iPhone

To check the Bluetooth version on iPhone download the AIDA64 app from the app store. This app will show all the hardware and software information of your smartphone. Open this app and see the version of Bluetooth on your iPhone.

How to check Bluetooth version of connected device Android

For doing so you have to download the app from the play store. Search for the app and install it on your phone. With the help of these apps, you can see the information of connected devices.

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What is the difference between Bluetooth versions?

Technology is getting enhanced day by day. To meet the requirement of new technology Bluetooth versions of devices are upgraded. With the up-gradation of the Bluetooth version, the connectivity, privacy, speed, and other features of the device increased. Different Bluetooth versions are described below:

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Bluetooth version 4.1

This version of Bluetooth was the enhancement of its previous version in terms of automatically powering up and down based on the power plan. Some errors were fixed in this version.

Bluetooth version 4.2

In this version, speed was increased up to 2.6 times. some additional privacy upgrades were included. Sped of this version is about 2 Mbps.

Bluetooth version 5

This version was designed to provide lossless and secure communication as the gadgets are becoming more advanced. Speed was increased up to 5 Mbps.

Bluetooth version 5.2

This is the latest Bluetooth version at present time. It offers new benefits for the next generation of wireless devices and audio technologies. Speed and privacy have been increased. This is the best version of Bluetooth to date.

FAQs on how to find Bluetooth version on Android

How do you check if it Bluetooth 4 or 5?

To check if a device uses Bluetooth 4 or 5, go to its settings and look for the Bluetooth version information. Alternatively, you can check the device’s manual or do a search online using the device’s make and model.

What version of Bluetooth are we at?

As of now Bluetooth version 5.3 is the latest version of the Bluetooth specification. 

How do I update my Bluetooth 4 to 5?

To update a device’s Bluetooth version from 4 to 5, you typically need to upgrade the device’s hardware, as Bluetooth versions are not software-upgradable. This would require purchasing a new device that supports Bluetooth 5 or upgrading your current device’s hardware.

Conclusion on how to know Bluetooth Version of My Phone

Checking your phone’s Bluetooth version is crucial to ensure that your device is compatible with the latest Bluetooth-enabled devices and that you’re getting the best Bluetooth performance. You can check your phone’s manual, access your phone’s settings, or use a Bluetooth scanner app to determine your phone’s Bluetooth version.

We hope this guide helps you check your phone’s Bluetooth version and you got the answer to how to know Bluetooth version on Android phone. If you find this article helpful, please share this post and comment on your feedback and suggestions below. 

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