Canara Bank RTGS Form PDF Download | Canara Bank NEFT Form

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Canara Bank enables its customers to transfer their currency via RTGS/NEFT method online or offline. From here you can download Canara Bank RTGS form pdf for free.

RTGS stands for Real Time Gross Settlement and NEFT stands for National Electronic Fund Transfer. 

Net banking accounts can easily transfer funds to a bank by logging into the account. If you are not connected to net banking you could download the Canara Bank RTGS/NEFT form here to send the money through offline mode.

Canara Bank RTGS/NEFT form is a common form for both RTGS and NEFT fund transfer methods. For RTGS the amount of transfer must exceed Rs.2 lacs.

What is Canara Bank RTGS / NEFT Application Form

If you are using the RTGS/NEFT mode of payment then you should know about this form. Difference between Canara bank RTGS Form / NEFT Form and Why this form is used and What are the features of this payment mode.

Canara Bank RTGS/NEFT form is used to send the money through offline mode. You can free download the Canara Bank RTGS form from here or you can get this form from the bank for free.

After filling the required field you have to submit it to the bank to send the money. 

Both RTGS and NEFT modes are available online as well as offline. The main difference here is in the settlement time of money sent in the account. In RTGS mode there is the instant transfer of money but in the RTGS mode, it updates half-hourly.

In RTGS mode the minimum amount to be transferred is Rs. 2 lac but in Neft, the minimum amount is Rs.1 rupees. Below you can see the comparison of RTGS and NEFT modes of payment.

Canara Bank RTGS NEFT Application Form

How do I download Canara RTGS form & Canara NEFT form?

You can download the Canara Bank RTGS form 2021 form here from the given download link. You can also visit the official website of Canara Bank or you can visit the bank branch to get this RTGS/NEFT form.

Canara Bank RTGS Form 2021 PDF Download

Click the link below to download Canara Bank RTGS form 2021 pdf. The form will be directly downloaded and you can use it. After filling the complete form, submit it to the bank. Here is the link to download the form.

Canara Bank RTGS application form pdf download

Click the link below if the above link does not work.

Canara Bank RTGS Form / NEFT Application From 2021 PDF

Canara Bank RTGS form in word format

If you want to download Canara Bank RTGS/NEFT form format other than pdf then you should know that you cannot download this form in word format as it is available in pdf or image format from the bank side.

Canara Bank RTGS form in excel format

Same here as told above you cannot download the Canara Bank RTGS / NEFT form in excel format. You can visit the bank for the same.

Canara Bank NEFT form filling process

Some people don’t know how to fill Canara Bank NEFT form but the RTGS/NEFT form filling process is very simple. Just enter sender as well as receiver details and the details of currency notes. 

Then after the sender’s signature, the form is to be submitted to the bank. This is the offline procedure of sending money through the Canara RTGS NEFT Form. 

Follow these steps to fill Canara Bank RTGS form:

  • Download the Canara Bank RTGS/NEFT form.
  • Fill the bank branch name and date.
  • Write the applicant’s name, address, contact number and email ID.
  • Fill the beneficiary account details such as Name, bank name, account number, bank IFSC code, mobile number and amount.
  • Fill currency note details if paying by cash or write the check number if paying by check.
  • Sign the form at the space given below in the form.

You can also use the RTGS and NEFT mode in online mode. In online mode, you have to log in to your internet banking account and go to fund transfer. Use the RTGS or NEFT mode of payment to send the money.

Canara Bank RTGS charges

There are no charges for the RTGS and NEFT mode of money transfer. Canara Bank does not charge for RTGS/NEFT payments.

Canara Bank NEFT timings

If You are using the online mode of RTGS/NEFT then you can send money at any time. Service is available 365 days 24×7 but if you are using the offline mode using the Canara Bank RTGS/NEFT form then you can make payment during the working days of banks. 

Canara RTGS / NEFT Contact Details of Customer Facilitation

If you need further help regarding RTGS/NEFT transfer then you can visit the official website of Canara Bank and go to the contact section. You can also see the frequently asked questions on RTGS/NEFT transfer.

Official website

FAQ on NEFT/RTGS Transfer 

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I hope you got the Canara Bank RTGS form pdf format for free. You can use either mode of money transfer RTGS or NEFT. For both modes, there is a common form which is Canara bank RTGS Form / NEFT Form. If you found this post useful then please share it and please comment with your feedback and suggestions below.

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